Driveway Cleaning Essex

Driveways are often the first impressions of your property

Driveways are often the most seen and accessed part of your property. Gradual deterioration of the aesthetics and condition are mainly due to heavy traffic and organic growth that accumulate throughout the year.

LightHouse uses specialist driveway cleaning equipment and processes that will leave you with an entrance to your property you will be proud of.

Driveway Cleaning Services Include

Using professional technology and taking prides in delivering high quality results.

Pressure Wash

We carefully pressure wash your driveway to remove dirt, debris, moss and algae, giving a new lease of life.

All Driveway Types

We are equipped to deal with all types of driveways from brick, stone, slab and concrete to name a few.

Sealed & Delivered

Protect your driveway from the elements by applying protection to keep it protected all through the year.

How We Clean Driveways

We request that the driveway is completely cleared prior to our arrival to ensure that we can effectively clean the whole surface area.

We then pressure-wash your driveway by carefully stripping dirt and organic matter. This process also removes weed and grasses.

Sealants can be used upon request to protect your driveway against the elements and give your patio a longer lasting clean.

Kiln dried sand is brushed between the blocks to replace any lost during the cleaning process.


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