Gutter Cleaning Essex

Restore & maintain your gutter system to flow correctly.

Based in Little Baddow, LightHouse is a fully insured local exterior cleaning company providing residential gutter cleaning services in Essex and surrounding areas.

Specialising in gutter cleaning, unblocking downpipes, minor gutter repairs and gutter maintenance using the latest technology that allows your gutters to be quickly and effectively cleared without risking damage to your property.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Clearing Debris

Clearing loose debris such as leaves, twigs, moss and plants to restore the original water flow of your roof drainage system.

Stop overflow

Overflowing gutters are not only a sure sign that the drainage system is not working correctly; it also put the property at risk of damp affecting the walls and soffits.  

How We Clean Gutters

Gutters are cleaned using a specifically designed high access vacuum system that permits us to treat your gutters with our feet firmly on the ground.

Thanks to this, all tasks are completed quickly and safely.

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Phone: 01245 922 070


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