Patio Cleaning Essex

Revive your patio to
its former glory.

At LightHouse, we using the latest pressure-washing technology and techniques to fully restore dirty and weathered patio and provide a long lasting clean for both residential and commercial properties.

We fully restore your patio and can protect it with a sealant upon request.

Patio Cleaning Services Include

Restoring your patio can completely transform your outdoor space.

Pressure Wash

Using the latest pressure washing equipment, we carefully remove any dirt and organic matter from your patio area.

All Patio Types

We are equipped to deal with all patio types from Indian Sandstone to Natural stone and everything in between.

Sealed & Delivered

Protect your patio against the weather and dirt all year around by requesting sealant.

How We Clean Patios

We request that the patio area is completely cleared prior to our arrival to ensure that we can effectively clean the whole surface area. We offer a removal service if required.

We then pressure wash the patio by carefully stripping dirty, moss and other organic matter from the surface. This system also removing any unwanted weeds and grasses, specific products can be used to control further growth.

Sealants can be used upon request to protect your patio against the elements.

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